Lowlands Solutions Netherlands (LSN) is a private Dutch organisation based in and operating from The Hague that provides a range of advisory and investigative services to corporate business, (local) governments, agencies and private customers. LSN conducts generic and applied risk assessment, develops effective and practical solutions for safety and security related problems, and, more specifically, executes in depth multidisciplinary (threat) analysis on demand.

In providing Policy Advisory and generic Security Training and Instruction the focus on predictive analysis will be of the utmost importance and is considered to be essential and the fundamental principal of the organisation. Therefore LSN will regularly publish a wide range of digital and printed safety and security interrelated products. In addition LSN has the capability to act as a network facilitator in the Euro-Atlantic alignment, Asia and the wider Middle Eastern hemisphere.


March 2014 - LSN has the expertise and capabilities to analyse current political and military conflict such as the current conflict in the Crimea. Contact our organisation for additional information.

In April 2014 the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA, Brussels), the Critical Intervention Services (CIS) and the S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute, both from Florida (United States), have been integrated as "associated partners" on the LSN-website. For additional information regarding these organisations see 'partners' or click on the logos in the footer of this website.

October 27-31, 2014 - Criminal Intelligence Analysis Course in The Hague by Warren Sweeney, CCA (August Analysis & Research, Burlington, Canada). Questions regarding enrollment and/or other practicalities may be submitted to the following emailaddress: lsn.info@mail.com.


Lowlands Solutions Netherlands (LSN) will organise battlefield tours on demand in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. Currently LSN can organise, facilitate and/or guide numerous First- and Second World War staff rides to the former battlefields in the Low Countries: Ypres and Bastogne (both in Belgium), Arnhem and Nijmegen (both in the Netherlands) and Hell's Highway (Netherlands and Belgium). Additional tours: Seelow and Hürtgenwald (both in Germany) and Normandy (France). During these staff rides both the strategic (political) picture as well as the tactical military operations will be integrated.

For additional questions and or tailor-made requests please contact our organisation by using the contactform on this website or send a direct email to lsn.info@mail.com


Health care workers are exposed to a wide range of hazards on the job. In the last few decades rates of occupational injuries have risen. Based on preliminary findings LSN drafted some applied strategies for the provision of sufficient support to the home care services sector, hospitals, nursing homes and other care services.

A combination of (verbal) resiliance and awareness training will allow individual health care workers to create the ability to cope independently and to encourage their self-reliance in hazardous situations. LSN has the expertise to consult the care services sector in order to minimize the exposure to hazards and to establish workplace safety and welfare

For additional questions and or tailor-made requests please contact our organisation by using the contactform on this website or send a direct email to lsn.info@mail.com


Cyber Security has been at the heart of operations in the public and private sector for the last decade. The rapid development of both technologies and knowledge has led to the evolvement of this new operational domain. The evolution of Cyber space has created a new war-fighting domain in which rogue actors have the advantage of credible deniability due to the attribution problem. Vast investments are being made in the Military Apparatus and the Government domain to defend its vital infrastructure and build resilience and readiness for imminent attacks. The private sector has increasingly been working together with governments to protect their assets, intellectual property and prevent/combat industrial espionage.

A growing interdependency between the public and private sector in Cyber Security has led to combined efforts in fighting cyber crime, protecting national infrastructure, controlling supply chain management, Internet Service Provider (ISP) cooperation and vast Data management and cloud security/control. The rise of cyber-terrorism, the patriot hacker, criminal organizations operating through cyberspace, terrorist usage of the internet and cyber weapons has made Cyber Intelligence to one of the most important contemporary tools in: Countering online radicalization, Counter-Terrorism online and state sponsored cyber threats.

Lowlands Solutions Netherlands (LSN) has the operational background and knowledge in all relevant domains to provide expert opinion and analysis to make sense of this vast domain and challenges in order to mitigate the risks for individuals, the government and private sector.

Our experience will be available in the form of tailor made solutions and analysis, as well as being provided in an academic setting, where professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge on Cyber Security, Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Intelligence will be able to participate in a course hosted by subject matter experts from our own company and international network and partners.

For more detailed information, please forward your requests to: lsn.info@mail.com